David Sampson

Outlook 2013 Single Sign on with Office 365

Recently Microsoft announced the release of updates to Office 2013 clients and Office 365 to support new authentication flows enabled by the Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL). Now this article is a little confusing so what does this actually mean? For a long time Outlook
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Victoria Ross

How to get the most out of your work when you’re away from the office

After working from home quite often recently, I want to write this blog to help you to know where to start if you’ve never done it before. I haven’t got much experience in working from home, so the first day I ever did seemed quite exciting but equally as daunting. This is
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Mike Parker

Quick Tip – Error Installing Exchange – “this user isn’t a member of the ‘Schema/Enterprise Admins’ groups.”

We have run into an issue several times at customers when preparing for a Microsoft Exchange installation, and thought it would be good to share! When installing Exchange, whether that be an upgrade or a brand new install, the account you use for the installation needs to have Enterpr
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