Brendan Clarke

QR codes come to SharePoint

One great benefit of having your SharePoint in the Office 365 cloud is that you get all the new SharePoint features first.  A recent example of this is the addition of the QR codes in the document hover panel.  It’s pretty easy to miss, so I’ve included a screenshot of the new i
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Brendan Clarke

OneDrive for Business on Office 365

First things first, Microsoft has two products with the OneDrive title, there is OneDrive and OneDrive for Business. OneDrive is a consumer product.  It has no connection with SharePoint or with your work account.  It is the kind of place you might store family photos or documents tha
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Your Fast Start to Office 365.

Do you know the potential of Office 365 in the cloud? You may be hesitant about the idea of ‘going into the Cloud’ or maybe you just like doing things in the way they have always been done. A Proof of Concept is a great way to introduce a handful of your team to Office 365 alongside y
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