Office 365 Security – All you ever wanted to know

As the world of IT continues to become more connected, security remains a high factor in choosing a cloud service provider. Moving productivity services to the cloud requires a serious consideration of security and privacy issues and technologies. Office 365 is designed to deliver the
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Your Office 365 portal with Cloud Manager

How Cloud Manager can help No more PowerShell scripts Compliance with auditing regulations Reporting on your Office 365 tenant Increased helpdesk support efficiency   Cloud Manager removes the need to execute PowerShell scripts in the command line, instead replacing it with a res
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David Bishop

Displaying SharePoint Online 2013 lists to parent or sub-sites

Displaying a list web part from a parent site to a sub-site, or a sub-site to a parent site is common requirement. SharePoint Online 2013 allows you to do this by publishing the list to the ‘site gallery’, at which point it is made available to add as a web part on parent
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