Your education centre working towards better learning on Office 365

Having migrated three of the biggest universities in the country, with over 14,000 seats, to the cloud we at Cloud Business take pride in the fact that we are experts in migrating the educational sector to the cloud. Take for example Southampton Solent University which has been our la
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Myles Dawson

Office 365 video expected to be deployed worldwide early 2015

Yesterday Microsoft publicly announced Office 365 video, allowing for easy sharing of videos between other Office 365 users. Besides this being a great addition due to it being a widely requested feature for SharePoint online, the announced feature set goes above-and-beyond expectatio
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Brendan Clarke

QR codes come to SharePoint

One great benefit of having your SharePoint in the Office 365 cloud is that you get all the new SharePoint features first.  A recent example of this is the addition of the QR codes in the document hover panel.  It’s pretty easy to miss, so I’ve included a screenshot of the new i
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