Making the move to Office 365 and why not to feel daunted

Deciding to make the move to Office 365 in the cloud can be a daunting one, not knowing what to expect – especially as we’re all used to using the systems we have, we know how they work, what their capabilities are, and what their quirks are; so why would we ever need to conside
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Microsoft Increase Office 365 public folder limits

Good News for Office 365 users this week, as Microsoft announce a 10 x increase in allowance for overall number of public folders. The new public folder hierarchy limit is now 100,000 – up from an earlier limit of 10,000 folders, this scaled-up capacity takes effect immediately
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Cloud Business are Expanding The Team

We’re hiring! Looking for a great place to work in Surrey? Then you’ve found it! At Cloud Business we have a young, dynamic and ambitious team already delivering great service to our customers. Such is our success that the business has gone through a period of rapid growth – we’re one
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